VISP: An Ecosystem for Elastic Data Stream Processing for the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things is getting more and more traction, nevertheless, state-of-the-art approaches only focus on specific aspects, like the integration of heterogeneous devices or the processing of sensor data emitted by these devices. However, such domain-specific approaches slow the adoption rate of the Internet of Things, because users need to select and integrate different approaches in order to build a solution that fits all their requirements. To resolve this shortcoming, we have designed and implemented the VISP ecosystem, which provides a holistic approach for elastic data stream processing in Internet of Things scenarios by supporting the complete lifecycle of designing, deploying, and executing such scenarios. VISP further tackles the challenges of data privacy as well as software reuse, including monetization aspects in today’s service landscapes. This paper analyzes challenges for creating solutions for the Internet of Things, presents the VISP ecosystem, and discusses its applicability for use case specific data stream processing topologies.


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