FCE4BPMN: On-demand QoS-based Optimised Process Model Execution in the Cloud

One of the most important requirements for the manufacturing industry is the scalable and fault tolerant realization of their business processes. While there are already several propositions towards elastic process execution on cloud resources, compensation for faulty tasks often remains a manual task. In this paper, we present FCE4BPMN, which realizes a cloud-based execution environment, which can compensate business model executions exceptions on-demand. These compensations are performed just-in-time and ad-hoc, based on a semantically annotated BPMN model. Besides basic compensations, the optimization component is also capable of optimizing the overall process execution based on different QoS criteria. We, therefore, provide an extension to the BPMN standard as well as an execution environment to run business processes on cloud resources. Finally, we validate our approach based on a set of requirements originating from the manufacturing domain.
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